IPv6 address spoofing with the Neighbor Discovery Protocol

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Using Sylkie

A command line tool and library for testing networks for common address spoofing security vulnerabilities in IPv6 networks using the Neighbor Discovery Protocol.

Get the code

Use on of the links provided on this page to download the code or use the following

git clone
cd ./sylkie

Compile sylkie

mkdir -p ./build
cd ./build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
make install

Test your network

Router Advert command

This command attempts to DoS all the nodes on the link local scope or a targeted host by removing the targetted router from the list of default routes.
sudo sylkie ra -i <interface> \
    --router-ip=<some ip> \
    --target-mac=<mac of router> \
    --prefix=<your prefix> \
    --timeout=<time between spoof adverts> \

Neighbor Advert command

sudo sylkie na -i <interface> \
    --dst-mac <dest hw addr> \
    --src-ip <source ip> \
    --dst-ip <dest ip address> \
    --target-ip <target ip address> \
    --target-mac <target mac address> \
    --timeout <time betweeen adverts> \
    --repeat <number of times to send the request>